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new vocabulary

We do love learning new vocabulary at the Academy! Each month offers a challenging new word—cleverly related to the core lesson, of course—presented by our resident animated etymology expert, Bertha the ostrich. 

bring on the new words!

a core lesson

From Poe to Pointillism, classical rhetoric to the food chain, each month we dive into a fascinating topic through an engaging video lesson. The downloadable To-Doawoo list offers suggestions for projects and further study.

we love to learn!

a themed craft project

Stuffed animals, friendship bracelets, banners, sashes, masks, puppets — our monthly craft offers downloadable patterns and step-by-step instructions for a delightful make-it-yourself addition to each month’s theme.

making stuff is awesome!

Pluck and optimism!

Hi, I'm Maryrose Wood, your Acting Headmistress here at the Swanburne Academy.
You might also know me as the author of some books your family has enjoyed!
My own two kids are grown up now. But we were a homeschooling family when they were young, and I know how much fun it is to weave a lesson out of something interesting that catches your eye, to follow a rabbit trail of curiosity and learn something wonderful and unexpected.
To put it in a nutshell: Curiosity is contagious! The family that learns together, reads together, explores together, and asks questions together in a spirit of open-ended play and pure love of learning  is forming memories for a lifetime.
Does that sound like your family? The Swanburne Academy is here for you!
more about me & my books

Curious about what’s inside? 

Swanburne Academy content is best suited for kids aged seven to fourteen, but we love it when the whole family gets involved. Many of our families participate with a wide age range of siblings. Here’s a peek at some recent lessons. 

All about the moon

The mystery of the moon has inspired wonder and poetry. What is the moon? Where did it come from? Does it really have a dark side? Earth’s faithful companion is truly something to howl about!

Classical rhetoric, squirrel style!

This lesson in the techniques of classical rhetoric got our members writing speeches of their own. They were very persuasive!

Knowing what’s true—and what isn’t

Fact versus opinion. Confirmation bias. Disinformation, conspiracy theories, and other forms of bunkum! In a world that offers so many mixed messages, how do we know what to believe?

Tales of King Arthur

From ancient Celtic myths through the chivalric tales of Europe’s middle ages, the tales of King Arthur just keep getting retold. Where did these stories come from, and what makes them so enduring?

Our monthly word-awoo

Bertha the ostrich does a bang-up job introducing each month’s vocabulary word. These charming animated lessons make etymology fun!

April is Shakespeare month!

Shakespeare seemed to know about a lot of things—but one of his favorite things to write about was plants. Here’s the story of how Shakespeare got his botanical expertise.

What can you expect from the Swanburne Academy?

Joy in learning

What a fascinating world we live in! There’s so much to explore. Flora and fauna, literature and history, from antiquity to “nowadays.”

Emotional intelligence

Thank you notes and socially useful phrases. Deep pondering of why it can be hard to get along. We treasure kindness, empathy, and diversity. All are welcome here. 

Boundless creativity

Poetry, literature, music, dance, art — at the Swanburne Academy, every topic lends itself to creative expression.

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“I had fun painting my cave art!”

“We loved celebrating Shakespeare, gardens and tea!”

“I had a great, fun time this month using Occam's Razor to find lost things and I love solving Rubik's Cubes. Thank Youawoo!”
“I really enjoyed the vocabulary video.  I've also noticed I've started seeing previous vocabulary words in my reading.”

“Thank you for inspiring us with this month’s To-Doawoos.”

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