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Please accept 30 days of free membership in the Swanburne Academy.

Are your kids are Zooming off the walls? Are you? These difficult times challenge all of us to find our wisest impulses and be guided by them. Now more than ever, we need all the PLUCK and OPTIMISM we can get!

I want to be of service to your family. Please accept a membership to the Swanburne Academy, completely free for 30 days. 

The Swanburne Academy is a community of incorrigible learners. Our motto? Think outside the nutshell! We’ll help you keep all your kids happy, learning, and having fun. Inside you’ll find:

  • video lessons on topics from Poe to Pointillism,
  • delightful new vocabulary words,
  • downloadable worksheets packed with project ideas,
  • easy craft projects, with patterns and instructions,
  • and lots of hilarious evidence of our Swanburne families learning up a storm and having a howling good time doing it.
  • And now: SWANBURNE WEDNESDAYS, a weekly Zoom call every Wednesday at 11 AM Pacific time. We'll tell jokes, introduce our pets, share poems, meet authors, and more. 

We also have a members-only social space for posting, sharing, and making new friends. If you long for connection online in a thoughtful, family-oriented community, you’ll find it here.

The world is in stormy seas right now, but the Swanburne Academy is here for you, and all are welcome. Come play with us! You’ll be asked to set up a membership account in order to log in, but the first thirty days are on me. That means you won't be charged a penny until 30 days is up, and you can cancel at any time prior to that with a mere click in your account settings.

Remember: A Swanburne girl does not panic. You’ve got this. Come in and have some tea, won’t you? 

With loveawoo,


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